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SAVE THE DATE! Film on Autism

Tue, Mar 13, 2012   7:00 pm

Film: A is for Autism

Central Library  7111 Talbert Ave  Huntington Beach, CA

This is a lead-up to Temple Grandin’s appearance in March.

Temple Grandin will be in Huntington Beach on March 21 as a part of Huntington Beach Reads One Book.

 Check the event schedule and sign in to receive updates:

BACTERIA: Cause or Effect of Autism?

Interesting article on gut bacteria. That found in kids with autism is different from bacteria in neurotypical kids.


My son is 15 and I know this whole issue is just around the corner.  I can no longer put off the inevitable.

Here’s a good resource when your household is ready!

The important thing is not to rush your child.  Good luck and buckle up!


TIP: Analog Clocks

TIP: Analog Clocks

Digital clocks don’t show passage of time. Help your child/student with time management issues by having analog clocks in your home and on his or her computer desktop.


Beautiful story of hope

This article was like a Christmas gift to me — the message of hope is refreshing. Enjoy.