Unfair treatment for 4th-grader with autism

OK parents, you’re gonna wanna sit down before you read this. Because you’re gonna jump to your feet as you read it.

All I can say is separation is not the answer.  Just as segregation was never the answer.

Many of us parents find that our kids have to be taught the behaviors that are expected in public. And there are lots more creative ways to deal with sensory overload than being closed in a closet. I daresay more constructive ones.

What makes this even more sad is that an aide is involved. In my experience, with the proper training, an aide can step in to help the teacher — to minimize disruptions and maximize recovery time. Doesn’t sound like any good strategies were in place here. Which is unfortunate for teacher, classmates and Sage himself.

If you find that you need some creative solutions for your student with autism spectrum disorders, please contact me. I’d be happy to develop a plan for you.

Teacher placed on leave in flap over autistic boy’s treatment

The student tells his mother that he was ordered to sit in a cardboard box during class. The principal tells investigators that the boy voluntarily used the box as a refuge.

By Phil Willon, Los Angeles Times

February 28 2012

When Kim Rollins’ son asked for a pair of scissors to take to school a few weeks ago, she was heartened that the fourth-grader, diagnosed with an autism-related disorder, was excited by a class project.

The complete article can be viewed at:

Visit latimes.com at http://www.latimes.com


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