TIP OF THE WEEK: Prepare your child’s teachers

I believe communication is always key.

Prepare your child’s teachers by introducing them to your child in person and on paper before school starts. I gave this [5 Easy Steps to Understanding My Child] to my son’s teachers every year through 8th grade. It’s basically a “How To” manual for your child; teachers really appreciate it. Here’s a hint: your child doesn’t have to be on the spectrum for this to be a valuable tool for the teacher!

Strengths, struggles, special interests, what excites him, what infuriates him; all essential information, but impossible for teachers to know about each student. Updating it each year allows you to see the progress your child has made.

Download the free form on my website [www.autismresourcemom.com]—or make your own. And with my son now in high school, I’ve stopped doing this. But he continues communicating with his teachers on his own, in his style. See next week’s Tip of the Week for details.

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