March 27, 2012

As continued from last week, here’s the natural progression of this 5 Easy Steps to Understanding My Child form:

  1. You provide it to your child’s teachers when he or she is young;
  2. Your child provides his own version to teachers when he enters high school [or earlier!].
  3. Your child further adapts this personal what-makes-me-tick narrative into his or her post secondary education and job/career fields. Ideally, it’ll be kept on hand forever.

My son is familiar with the form we’ve used throughout the years. Now he uses it as a guide for his emails to his teachers before school begins each fall. He introduces himself to every teacher, telling them a little bit about how he wants to be challenged—and things that challenge him. Topics he has a passion for—and those he passionately avoids. What makes him laugh, what makes his blood boil. All that good stuff.

What’s best about this is that it fosters self-advocacy. And this is the goal for all of our kids. Such a happy day when they find their own voice!


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