Bullying Isn’t Always Obvious

As parents, we have to be aware of bullying — both perpetrated at and by our kids. And it’s not always obvious. The subtle actions of rejecting our kids or not including them — or simply ignoring them — can be just as hurtful as beating them up or pushing them down.



2 responses to “Bullying Isn’t Always Obvious

  1. This is so true and I have talked several times on my site about bullying (bullyinglte.wordpress.com) about how those who are different are bullying. This is a very important topic..

    • What’s unfortunate, in any case, is that typical kids shouldn’t be picking on kids with autism. Period. They should know better. The fact that it happens more to spectrum kids is unconscionable. I didn’t mean to say that kids who are different are the ones who are the bullies. The bullies are the insecure ones who need the approval of their peers to feel good about themselves.

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