ARM Tip of the Week

May 1, 2012

Visual supports can be instructive and entertaining when it comes to your child’s responsibilities around the house.

Allow flexibility in the way your child goes about doing these jobs. What’s important is the end result. So I don’t leave anything to chance. My favorite technique is the BEFORE & AFTER Method. I enjoy Before & After photos in magazines so I use the same technique with my son.

Since our ideas of a clean room [or whatever the duty is] may be different from those of our kids, it’s a good idea to visualize that for them.

No, thanks!

Take a photo of your child’s room in both states—messy and neat. Put both photos on a card or piece of paper. Write YES under the neat one, and NO under the messy one.

Then when it’s time to do that particular job, just hand him the visual support as a reminder of your expectations.


3 responses to “TIP OF THE WEEK

  1. I had to write – I just love this tip. Very useful – lots of visual clarity. Excellent!

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