What Are You Doing With Your Summer?

I enrolled my son in an enrichment class for the summer at Fusion Academy in Huntington Beach. The school’s specialty is one-to-one teaching, so I thought it would suit him just fine. Of course it’s a film criticism class and after his first two-hour session, he emerged smiling from ear to ear. “Mom, thanks so much for signing me up for this class!”

It’s not free and I wouldn’t say it’s inexpensive, but you get what you pay for. After just two sessions, he’s been talking about films in a whole new light–more in-depth, making comparisons and best of all, on the way to class this morning he talked about a movie he’d write and direct! <Plant the seed!>

At the same time, we signed him up for a Pro-Tools I Tracking Course with Paul Murphy of Hollywood Recording Workshop in Anaheim. Again, a one-to-one tutorial.

In my opinion, the best money we’ve spent to date on summer programs for our son.

Best of all, any class or course you enroll you child in imposes a discipline of routine.


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