How To Broaden Interests

Of course it comes as no surprise that our kids usually have singular interests. My son happens to focus on movies, current events/history and Legos. Oh, and movies. And did I mention movies?

As he entered high school, I panicked. “What 9th graders talk about their favorite movie directors or who was on Sunday’s Meet the Press panel?”

Without stifling his passions [film, current events/history, Legos], I got him subscriptions to Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and US Magazine.

Fortunately, my guy loves to read. And he loves getting mail. So now he knows pop culture and sports facts, too.

I don’t know about you, but I find this very odd:  knowing who the Kardashians are married to at a given moment is more ‘socially acceptable’ than knowing about cinema or U.S. history. Hmm. Kinda sad. But we’ll play along.

So try to broaden your child’s narrow interests by exposing him/her to new and different subject matter. This is one way.


2 responses to “How To Broaden Interests

  1. Thanks for the suggestion. My son also loves movies and appreciates receiving mail, so much so that he checks the mail box on an hourly basis. I will purchase a couple of magazines, put a mailing label on them and stick them in the mailbox – wouldn’t want to subscribe to something only to find that he is not interested in the subject matter. I totally appreciate this idea and will write back with a update.

    • What a great idea! My goal was to help make my son aware of pop culture, so that’s why I chose the magazine’s I did. But by doing these “test samples” as you’ve suggested, the sky’s the limit! Go for it! And good luck. Please let us know how it goes!

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