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Add Analog Clock to Your Child’s Cell Phone

A digital clock shows a moment in time, whereas an analog clock actually shows passage of time. A very helpful tool when you tell your kid that he has to be ready to go to school in 10 minutes.

Do your child a favor and add the analog clock to the banner of his/her cell phone.   

Analog clocks can help with time-management issues.

Quality Time with our Kids is Not Overrated

Do you spend as much time with your child as you do on Facebook? If you have to stop and think, then, you seriously need to stop and think. It’s important to spend 20 to 30 minutes with your child per day, doing something he/she wants to do. During this time, corrections, commands, issues and questions are off limits. Just positive input and undivided attention.

Our kids aren’t young forever. Don’t miss the opportunity.

Quality time with your child is is not overrated.

Educational Session Starts Sept. 25 – For OC Kids

Do you have a young child newly diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorders [ASDs]?

For OC Kids’ SEEPAC [Support, Education & Empowerment for Parents of Autistic Children] offers a 6-week program that begins Tuesday, Sept. 25 from 6-8pm.

Session topics include:

  • What is Autism?
  • Regional Center and Special Education programs
  • The ABC’s of Behavior
  • Speech & Language Interventions
  • Autism & Family Dynamics

Space is limited. Reservations required. Call 714-939-6766 or email   Cost: $80 per family for all 6 sessions or $15 per week.

See attached flyers for more information. SEEPAC  Clases en espanol.

Is Your Kid a Fish? Try this Water Polo Prep program

If your child is interested in water polo, here’s a program that introduces the sport while building language and social skills.

Check out the attachment for sign up details.

Water Polo

Use the Magic Words

5 Magic Words Turn Negative to PositiveImage

When talking with your kids, make a conscious effort to start your sentences with five positive words ‘I like the way you’re…’ instead of these three negative ones: ‘Why haven’t you…?’

Quitting Is Never An Option

A good rule of thumb to teach your kids is to never quit. That means that giving up and not trying is simply not an option. No amount of effort can ever be considered failure.

I’ve seen this pay off in spades when my son was on his middle school’s cross-country team. Sure, he might have come in dead last at every meet, but he never gave up, never stopped. That made me so very proud. His coach praised his positive attitude and teammates cheered as he neared the finish line. Of course I was reduced to tears every time. He may not come in first, second or 19th, but my guy is no quitter. It’s a character trait that speaks volumes.

Don't Quit

Don’t allow quitting to be an option for your child. It sets a dangerous precedent.