Pick Your Battles

For some reason, when my son cooks fish or chicken fingers, he uses the potholder to flip them. I don’t know why he’s averse to using utensils. I tried and tried various ways to remind him and change him, but it didn’t work. It’s very frustrating to open the potholder drawer and find them covered with crumbs. After months and months of trying and failing to change his behavior, last week I gave up the fight. From now on, I told him, he has to clean off the potholder before returning it to the drawer. When I see him clean it, he’ll get bonus points toward rewards.

Results? No more crummy potholders! I’ve actually watched him take the time to walk to the sink to brush off the crumbs before returning the potholder to the drawer. Aha!

Moral to this lesson:  If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Also, flexibility on mom’s part is always a good thing.


It’s important to know when to be flexible. That goes for us as well as for our kids.

2 responses to “Pick Your Battles

  1. I agree!!!! I have learned this the hard way. I too had one to many arguments about little quirky things here and there. Once, I learned this idea of if you can’t bet them…. My life with my son became much easier.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Marie! Yes, we have enough on our plate — to argue over some quirks is simply not worth it. Nice photo of you with your son! –debora

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