CARPOOLING: A socialization strategy

Carpooling is an easy way to help your child to foster relationships. It’s not like we live close to any classmates, but that’s not even the point. I’d gladly drive out of my way to take someone home in order to see my son walking out of school with a buddy, instead of alone. Engaging with that kid. Goofing with him/her. I could very easily pick them up right at the school gate, but I don’t. I make them walk a distance, with all the other kids. I see it as an “equalizer” of sorts. He’s walking home with a friend, just like everyone else. Plus, that is valuable social time. Same goes for the drive home. When I’m driving my son and his band buddies, there is constant chatter, constant horsing around, constant boys being silly. I love it.

The other day I was panicking, running late for an appointment, but when I saw my son walking down the street with his pal, I stopped stressing and gladly made the extra stop to take his friend home. My son is worth it.

I offer to drive my son’s friends home, but they have to walk to a certain street corner first. I force “social time” upon my son in this way. We both love the results!


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