Holiday Tip #1 for Parents of Children with Autism

It’s 12 Days to Christmas

It’s 12 days to Christmas in our autistic household, and we’ve got some helpful tips to carry you peacefully through the days of anticipatory anxiety and stress. Let’s count down, shall we?

Dec. 13            Day 12            

Maintain structure for best results during the holidays.

Keep in mind that, during these hectic holiday times, that mixing activities with downtime on a predetermined schedule helps ease the strain on individuals with autism.


It’s important to build in relaxation time during the hectic holidays.

As the mother of a son with autism, I’ve committed myself over the years to learning, understanding and sharing the most effective ways to nurture, protect and prepare a child with autism. Strategies with the potential to reap great rewards for our kids. Strategies for the holiday season and beyond, which I’ll gladly share with you.

And right now I’m offering speaking engagements to parent groups, educators, autism support groups, government agencies and community organizations. 

Reserve your booking by calling 714-501-8735. The talk is free. The information is priceless.
Enjoy your ho-ho-holiday season!

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