Holiday Tip #5 for Parents of Children with Autism

It’s 8 Days to Christmas and there is such a clatter, but follow my next tip and it really won’t matter.
Dec. 17            Day 8   Sense of Control
During this hustling, bustling time of year, it’s way too easy
for our days to spin out of control. Imagine how our kids feel
when routines are disrupted, guests come and go, furniture is
rearranged to make room for Christmas trees and more. One
year I gave my son a bunch of decorations of his own—lights,
a personalized stocking, Santas, even his own mini tree. He
can decorate his room however he likes. And he looks forward
to opening “his” box each year. This sense of control works
wonders! It’s change on his own terms. If he’s overwhelmed by
a situation, his room is a safe haven for him.
Make a Joyful Noise!



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