Week 12 of 14-Week PEERS Program

It’s hard to believe we’re just two weeks away from completion of the PEERS program. What a great learning process — for us and our son! We continue to push and prod him out of his comfort zone daily [at times, I must admit, the jaws of life are needed!], but once he makes the effort to talk to new people, he’s so pleased with his success! He’s on a daily search to find others with a common interest — a notion he would have never entertained before PEERS.

The wonderful thing about this program is that the processes for each lesson are very detailed and the kids practice during their session. At the same time, the parents are learning the same lesson with all the support information from Dr. Gantman. It’s unparalleled. For example, the kids have learned how to plan their own get-togethers. For weeks they’ve been practicing exchanging information, being a loyal friend, good sport and hospitable host. That’s been going great. But if an individual doesn’t know when to start laying the groundwork for a weekend activity, all those aforementioned skills won’t be much good. And that’s why Dr. Gantman is key, in my humble opinion. He provides that additional, nuanced information that makes the lessons come together. 

So when should you start laying the groundwork for a weekend activity? Wednesday or Thursday. Make sure your teen/your adult knows this. It may seem to be common knowledge, but, well, you know.

Lesson 12 deals with handling disagreements. The strategies we learned can be applied anywhere!

Dr. Alexander Gantman leads the parent group and Kimberly Orliczky, M.A., BCBA, works with the teens at Autism Solutions for Kids, Inc. [ASK]. Contact ASK for details on the Spring 2013 session that’s forming now! kimberly@ask4aba.com   www.ask4aba.com                    PH (949)791-9275.

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