Preparing Your Child for Life After High School | SKILL #1

With graduation season soon to be upon us, it brings to mind the importance of transitions. Thank goodness my son still has a couple of years to go—that’s lucky for us. All the more time to prepare.
To make the move from high school to college or the workplace as seamless as possible, of course proper planning has to occur. I’ve learned a lot from the various workshops and trainings I’ve attended, and would like to share some strategies with you here.
Over the next 15 weeks, I’ll send out 10 ways you can help prepare your child for this next phase in his/her life. Remember, it’s never too early or too late to prepare our kids for life after high school. But, the earlier we start, the better.
When do you think transition prep should begin? Gold stars to all you who answered “From day one.” Yes, from the moment you put your child in someone else’s care, you start preparing that child for transitions throughout his/her life.
So all you parents with kids in elementary school, pay close attention. And all you parents with kids in middle school, incorporate these into your child’s lifeAnd all you parents with kids in high school, practice these daily with your teen!
Good luck!
“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” —Alan Lakein
SKILL #1:   Teach your child to wake to an alarm.     Image
It’s one of the fundamentals of independent living. When an individual can get himself up in the morning
without relying on someone to wake him, he’s on the right track. It doesn’t happen overnight, so be patient.
Some tips:
  • Put the alarm clock away from the child’s bed so that he has to physically get up to turn it off. This will help keep him from going back to sleep after he turns it off.
  • Paint the alarm button with day-glo paint or put a neon sticker on it, so the child can easily identify it.
  • Reward your child when he doesn’t use the snooze button or go back to bed. 
As the mother of a son with autism, I’ve committed myself over the years to learning, understanding and sharing the most effective ways to nurture, protect and prepare a child with autism. Strategies with the potential to reap great rewards for our kids. Strategies for transitions and more, which I’ll gladly share with you.
And right now I’m offering speaking engagements to parent groups, educators, autism support groups, government agencies and community organizations. 
Reserve your booking by calling 714-501-8735. The talk is free. The information is priceless.
Remember to set the alarm!


4 responses to “Preparing Your Child for Life After High School | SKILL #1

  1. Very good. One of your better ones.

  2. This simple routine is key to starting off right. Thank you for your invaluable tips.

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