Teach Your Child Proper Phone Skills

We continue our focus on transitions with this second installment of ways to prepare your child for life after high school.


Granted, kids these days communicate mainly through texting, Facebook or Instant Messaging, but they still need to know how to start and end a phone call.

SKILL #2:   Teach your child proper use of the phone.
For example:
  • Initiating the call
    • Say your name and who you are calling for. “This is Joe Smith and I’m calling for Bill.”
    • Explain why you’re calling. “Hey Bill, it’s Joe from Spanish class. I have a question about the homework—do you have a second to talk?”
  • Ending the call
    • Explain why you have to hang up. “Thanks man, now I get it. Gotta finish my homework.”
    • Say you enjoyed talking to the person and you’ll talk to him/her later.
    • Say good-bye. “Later, dude.”
  • Leaving a Voice-Mail Message
    • Don’t assume you’re being recognized—say your name—and who you’re calling for. “This is Mike Jones calling for Tony.”
    • Explain the reason for the call. “Tony, just wanted to see if you’re up for a 
      movie on Saturday. Gimme a call.”
    • Say the day and time of your call. “I’m calling on Thursday around 4pm.”
    • Slowly, give your phone number.  “You can reach me on my cell — 123-4567.”
    • Say good-bye. “Hope you’re available on Saturday. Later, man.”
  • Know how/when to call 911—and when not to.
  • Know how to call for a cab/shuttle and to order take-out.
  • Know how to retrieve messages on your phone.
Mastery of telephone skills is an important step toward independence. Good luck!




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