10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Independent Life After High School | SKILL #4

With graduation season not far off, we are reminded of the importance of transition to independent adult life. Think of the various things you do to organize your household—then figure out if your teen could do the same for him or herself.   Image
Our focus on transitions resumes with this fourth installment of ways to prepare your child for life after high school. How many times have you said, “I was going to do that today, but the day just got away from me…”? It’s no secret that keeping track of everything can be a challenge for the best of us. For sure, it’s a skill set that our kids have to be taught. It’s all about planning ahead. Helpful supports include calendars, planners, a system of reminders or alarms, or technology such as a Smartphone, iPad or the like. [It’s a fact: schedule use is one of the best predictors of employment success.]
So teach your child to design and maintain schedules for different areas of his life: school assignments, leisure time, chores, personal hygiene.
SKILL #4 – Teach your child to organize his time, tasks and things.
Some other things to think about:
You’ll be surprised how having an orderly life can reduce anxiety. Start teaching these skills now! For more tips or an individualized program, contact me today!

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