OMG, The Best Thing Since…!

After years of making my own schedules for my son with online images that I would painstakingly download into a table, type in times of day and more, I feel like I struck gold when I stumbled across AutiPlan.  It’s a brilliant website [there’s an app, too!] that makes schedules so easy! Creating them is a snap now—just a drag-and-drop process. I love it!

ImageSelect time in 5-minute increments. AutiPlan features a seemingly endless library of pictures/icons for activities to schedule. What’s more, the descriptions that come with the icons can be tailored. For example, I changed “get dressed” to “get dressed for band concert.”


AutiPlan Planner. The drag-and-drop process makes schedule creation so simple!

I really like the analog clock that appears beside each picture icon for ‘time.’  

There’s a free, basic version and if you want all the bells and whistles – including apps – you pay a small fee. So far, I’ve done fine with the basic version. I can even upload my own graphics/photos! 

Do yourself a favor and check it out! In my opinion, the developers have done a fabulous job with this. Let us know what you think of this scheduling tool.


3 responses to “OMG, The Best Thing Since…!

  1. Great insights.

  2. Thank you so much for your awesome review! This website was developed out of personal need because we did the same as you did for years. Since my husband is an IT expert, and his friend too, we were able to realize this website and put all the features in it we thought was necessary to easily plan a day. Also, we asked people to give us feedback on the tool, so we could improve and adapt the tool until it became what it is now.
    Just thought you would like to know 🙂

    • Marieke, thank you for contacting me! And thanks even more for a great product. I’m so excited about it — I’ve been telling everyone I know. Keep up the good work! –Debora

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