10 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Independent Life After High School | SKILL #9

Teach Your Child Basic Rules for Living
When an individual picks up after himself, he shows the world he’s responsible. Period.
And let’s face it, whether he goes off to college and lives in the dorms with strangers or
gets a job and shares his workspace or lunch room with co-workers, they will expect him
to tidy up after himself because they sure as heck won’t. And at this point, no parent
can be waiting in the wings to save him.   Image
I came across this list years ago and I freely post it throughout the house. I like to think
it’s made a difference. I added #16 and #17. They’re my favorites. Or maybe they’re just
the ones I find myself barking the most!
1.       If you open it, CLOSE IT!
Image2.       If you turn it onTURN IT OFF!
3.       If you unlock it, LOCK IT!      Image
4.       If you break it, ADMIT IT and REPAIR IT!
5.       If you can’t fix it, CALL IN SOMEONE WHO CAN!
6.       If you borrow it, RETURN IT!
7.       If you use it, TAKE CARE OF IT!
Image8.       If you make a messCLEAN IT UP!
9.       If you move it, PUT IT BACK!
10.     If it belongs to someone else, GET PERMISSION TO USE IT!
11.     If you don’t know how to operate it, LEAVE IT ALONE!
12.     If it doesn’t concern youDON’T MESS WITH IT! Or, if it’s none of your business,DON’T ASK QUESTIONS!
13.     If it’s not brokenDON’T FIX IT!
14.     If it will brighten someone’s day, SAY IT!
15.     If it will tarnish someone’s reputation [or hurt someone’s feelings], KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!
16.     If you see something on the floorPICK IT UP!
17.     If you empty it, REFILL IT!    Image
~~ Author Unknown ~~
And, my friends, if all else fails, just set a good example
As the mother of a son with autism, I’ve committed myself over the years to learning, understanding and sharing the most effective ways to nurture, protect and prepare a child with autism. Strategies with the potential to reap great rewards for our kids. Strategies for transitions and more, which I’ll gladly share with you.
And right now I’m offering speaking engagements to parent groups, educators, autism support groups, government agencies and community organizations.
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