Can My Kid Really Succeed In College?


Last week we attended a Meet and Greet with a fabulous student panel at CLE Costa Mesa. CLE is College Living Experience []. OMG, those students sold the program, in my opinion. Hearing them talk about their experiences living on their own, with roommates, attending college, managing their time, their studies and everything else, well, it was an eye-opener.  

At first my son did not want to be there. “I’m very uncomfortable and we need to leave,” he whispered to me. I suggested he wait in the hall, because I was interested and wanted to stay. He couldn’t have been too uncomfortable, because he didn’t leave. And in fact, it wasn’t long before he was actually smiling about some of the remarks being made. Then one guy uttered a Kurt Cobain quote and my son was ready to sign up! A huge grin crossed his face, he leaned in and was totally engaged.

He kept thanking me for “letting him” go to the meeting. And he talked about it and the students for the next few days.

We haven’t applied yet, but we will for sure dig deeper. If you’re looking for a support program for your child who attends college, be sure to check out CLE. And if you have experience with a similar support program, please let us know!


2 responses to “Can My Kid Really Succeed In College?

  1. ’d love to hear if this family actually applied to CLE Costa Mesa, and if, so, how their experience was!

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