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Call for A Change

Pour yourself a deep cup of coffee and watch this.

What kind of training do your teachers have? Are they supported adequately?


Autism Town Hall Meeting on Friday, May 2

For Orange County, California residents. Save the date!


Music to Your Ears

Check out this offer!




Don’t miss this interesting read, reported by Landon Hall!

TIP: Self Definition | Allow Your Kid to Define Himself in his own Style

It’s no secret that verbal communication is a challenge for a majority of kids
with autism spectrum disorder. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to say. Make sure your kid has various outlets for expression of his thoughts and feeexpressyourselflings. It might be through art, music, physical movement, to name a few. Self-expression in any form can be fun!


No Diet This Morning — I’m Celebrating

Last night was Report Card Night at school and I’m celebrating. The year began with a D in chemistry. But now he’s at a B+.

Bravo to Vincent, our fabulous tutor from Tutor Doctor. Bravo to Mr. B, my son’s chemistry teacher at school. But the biggest cheers to my son for toughing it out. Trying and applying himself, in a subject that he really has no passion for. Bravo, big guy, bravo.


I’m celebrating my son’s 3.86 GPA! Yum!

My Shoes? Tongue-Tied.

I just ordered some of these — I’m very intrigued.

Where the heck was Mark Cuban and u-lace when my son was little and couldn’t tie his shoes? My son wore deck shoes [Topsiders] and any slip-ons I could find, in order to avoid the tying of laces. ImageOf course now that he can tie them, he doesn’t bother to anyway, and just kicks his shoes off rather than untying them. Oh well. 


Slip-on shoes were a must when my child was young.

I thought these might be cool for the Vans and Converse shoes he now wears. So I got him laces in school colors. We’ll see how they work. Let us know if you’ve tried these and what you think of them!