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I Can’t Say I Always Listened to My Mother, But I Did When it Mattered.

I remember when we first got the “A” diagnosis for our son and the emotional toll it took on me. Heartache. Heartbreak. And pure fear coupled with utter helplessness. As I was trying to come to grips with the whirlwind of feelings, my mom was the voice of reason who stepped in and saved me. 

When I came home with the results from countless assessments and evaluations results that were always depressing–I just wanted to crawl in a hole and hide. But it was my mom, parenting me from 2,300 miles away, who brought me to my senses.

“Forget about the label,” she wisely advised. “It doesn’t matter what they call it. Just get him what he needs.” 

“But mom,” I’d wail, “you don’t understand, they say he’s autistic!”

“If his leg was broken, you’d put him in a cast. If he had tonsillitis, you’d have his tonsils removed. So find out what he needs, and get it for him.” 

How could I argue with that? 

As I set about to find out what my boy needed and how to get it for him, I focused less on myself and more on him. We had our ups and downs (as we still do), but at least I was in a more positive and hopeful state of mind. In fact, I’ve learned over the years to laugh about much of our journey. It sure is preferable to weeping!

So on this Mother’s Day I want to thank my mom for helping me to be a better mom for my son. And for all you moms out there who need a good laugh, I want to share this. It’s priceless. Enjoy! 

Here’s wishing a hilarious Mother’s Day to you all.


Debora, The Autism Resource Mom