BRIGHT IDEA | Employment for Individuals on the Autism Spectrum

John Elder Robison has the TCS Auto Program in Springfield, MA.*  And Chicago-based Aspiritech has done it for software testers. I’d love to see this trend of putting people with autism spectrum disorder to work go viral — across all business sectors. Because everyone on the spectrum has something to offer. They just may need some support.


Here’s an entree from a group in Encinitas, CA —  Positive Action Community Theatre [PACT]** — that is hoping to do the same. Goldmine Entrepreneurs is looking for interested individuals who want to start enterprises eventually headed and operated by individuals on the spectrum. Read more here.

* This is a satellite campus of Tri County Schools, part of Northeast Center for Youth and Families [NCYF] of Easthampton, MA. NCYF is a private nonprofit corporation serving young people and families with emotional and developmental challenges.  The TCS Auto Program is located in John Elder Robison’s Springfield Automotive Complex right next to Robison Service.

**  PACT Saturday workshops held at:  535 Encinitas Blvd., Suite 101  Encinitas, CA 92024      Ph: 760-815-8512



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