A Love Letter to Anna

My dear Anna,

I remember when I was asked to the senior prom. It was back in 1975. I was a high school sophomore and it was Mrs. Whitehead who asked me. She was the senior class adviser.

She asked if I’d go with John, a personable, charming, smart senior with a good sense of humor. See, John was a student who had Cerebral Palsy. Thinking back, I don’t know if I really understood why she was asking me, of all people, but I happily agreed to be his prom date. Reflecting back, I’m so thankful I made the right choice; I just keep thinking I could have done a better job that night and I wish I had.

Fast-forward 40 years. Now it’s me with a son who is personable, charming, smart and entertaining — just like Johnny. But my son has high-functioning autism. Not even as visible as John’s challenges, but present, nonetheless.

Thank goodness for karma. And thank goodness for you, Anna. You stepped into our lives doing something like I had done some four decades earlier, and made prom night possible for my son. Not just possible, but truly memorable.


Anna, I love your good heart. Your kind, giving soul. I know you will make a big difference in this world because you already have. You, my dear, are special.

With all my love,

Your date’s mom

PS   To all you families touched by autism, I hope you find your Anna. And to all you Annas out there, you are loved.


6 responses to “A Love Letter to Anna

  1. Once again history repeats itself. A kind gesture years ago came full circle tonite. With good young people like Drew and Anna in this world, the future looks so much brighter.

  2. Anna has no way of knowing yet how this charming act will somehow pay it forward in her own life. But you and I can promise Anna, and other wonderful caring people, that goodness follows goodness. Wonderful pictures!

  3. I love reading stories of people being kind to one another. That you were once someone’s “Anna” proves that what goes around, comes around.

  4. Emelia Lindquist

    Makes for a better world. Great memories.

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