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Of Course I Can Do That By Myself!

ILS-icanARM and The Orange County Asperger’s Support Group (OCASG) partnered again over the weekend for another independent living skills workshop for young adults — Making Sense of Dollar$ & Cents on July 11, 2015. Let’s just say it was a capital success!

The students learned strategies for paying rent, grocery and phone/utilities bills — and how job performance is related to pay. And lots more.

ILS-finance071115-5A huge thank you to author and adviser Chella Diaz [; follow her on Twitter–MoneyMap 101@ChellaDiazMoney] and all the wonderful students!

Hats off to Kimberly Orliczky and Michael Wright of Trumpet Behavioral Health who generously donated the space, the coffee and the doughnuts! Much appreciated!

On Monday, July 20, 2015, the OCASG Newport Beach Support Group Meeting will talk more about these workshops. We’ll have a panel featuring Chef Patrick DiGiacomo and boxing coach/fitness expert Juan Gonzalez to talk about the importance of good eating habits and exercise. And we’ll have sign-ups for upcoming life skills workshops, as well. Don’t miss it! RSVPs are required. Click here.

ARM Provides Homework Help

homework help

“My 7th grade son was having a difficult time organizing his assignments, effectively forecasting his study time for upcoming projects and tests. Frustrated because school districts don’t seem to teach children how to STUDY and PLAN for assignments, I found your homework worksheets to be wonderfully helpful. Now when my son gets an assignment, he uses your worksheet to map out his plan of attack. The result: much less stress, he stays on task, no nagging from me and great grades. (He made the Honor Roll again this year!) THANK YOU! P.S. My son is not on the spectrum. He is simply a young man learning how to be a successful high school and college student.”     —Diane Z., mother, Northville, Michigan

If you’re interested in my homework sheets that break down the tasks into manageable steps and pieces, contact me at