Monthly Archives: December 2015

Miracles of Goodness


When I look at my son and see the huge strides he’s made in his life, I know there is good in the world.

When I talk with parents who will do anything to help their child with autism spectrum disorder, I know there is good in the world.

When I work with teachers who have students with ASD in their classrooms—and they just want more tips on making the experience a better one for the student—I know there is good in the world.

When outsiders take an interest in my son because they sense his passion and talent, I know there is good in the world.

When my friends with neurotypical kids take an interest in my neurodiverse kid, I know there is good in the world.

When I can fill a room with parents of kids with various spectrum disorders and we can all bond and gain strength from each other, I know there is good in the world.

Tomorrow we begin a New Year. Let’s find something positive, something good in each day. And by this time next year we’ll have 365 more miracles of goodness in our lives. Here’s to 2016!



Social Activities in 2016!

social activPlease tell us what kinds of social activities you’d like us to schedule for your tweens, teens and young adults. Take a few moments to complete our Social Activities Survey for 2016. Thanks a bunch!



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