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Glad To See You, Now Please Leave!


Just thinking about this makes me giggle. A few short months ago I was an inconsolable hot mess with my son moving out and going to college. And what makes it all the more laughable is that he’s a mere 15 minutes away. But the point is, he’s not living under my thumb anymore, and boy oh boy was that an adjustment — more so for me than him. Reports tell me he’s adjusted quite nicely. Big whoop.

Anyway, I was glad to welcome him home for winter break. Glad? Who am I kidding? I was ecstatic. I’ve never been happier to cook for someone, or do his laundry. I waited on him hand-and-foot and it was a treat for me. Yes, I admit, I was in my glory.

Well, two weeks turned into three, then four. Suffice it to say that near the end of his mini winter vacation, I was suggesting he may want to return early, to have time to ‘hang out with friends’ before the spring semester begins. Yes, I nearly pushed him out the door and sighed a huge sigh of relief when he left and I finally got my life back. I can’t believe I’m actually typing these words because I never ever thought I’d feel that way. And it only took a few weeks…

I called my mom to see if she experienced anything similar with me or my three siblings when we went off to college and came back to visit. Mom gave me an earful! Of course I’m not the first parent to live through this. It resonated with friends, too. “Welcome to the club,” one friend said to me knowingly.

Before you judge me too harshly, let me set the record straight. I love my son. I’m always happy to see him and he’s welcome in our home always and forever. But I now know that he is able to live on his own. As such, that’s what he should be doing.

I do find it hilarious to think that in a mere four months I could change so radically. When he moved out for the first time I wept for two days straight. Seriously. But then I adjusted to my “new normal.” It just goes to show you how resilient we can be.

There’s nothing more compelling than your child wanting to be his own person and then going about becoming his own person. And he’s doing a great job.

(But hey pal, would it hurt you to throw me a bone every now and then, and come by for dinner? Or maybe just dessert?)


What Problems Keep You Up At Night?


Are you worried about the upcoming IEP? Does your child still have no friends at school? Maybe you’re wondering if he’ll ever learn to manage his time, or a number of other concerns we parents all have. Well, you’re not alone!

Join us at A HEART-TO-HEART WITH MOM where we tackle these obstacles as a group, tapping into a wealth of experience from parents in the trenches.

prob solvedIt’s a roundtable discussion and problem-solving session where you can share your challenges, learn effective strategies and gain comfort from the common experiences of moms and dads like you.  

Best of all, leave with the feeling that there’s hope, there’s help and you’re not alone.

To reserve your seat at the table, register here. It’s free.  TwoHearts

Thursday, Jan. 14 at 7pm at Temple Beth Sholom, 2625 N. Tustin Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705





The Gift of Hope


Give the gift of support, guidance and hope to families of children with autism spectrum disorder this holiday season.

Make a tax-deductible donation to AUTISM RESOURCE MOM in someone’s honor or memory. And help us continue our programs and services to this population that needs the support.

Autism Resource Mom is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN #27-1853243.

Thank you!

Live Demo of Brain-Mapping!


Don’t miss the STRESS REDUCTION WITHOUT MEDICATION workshop on Tuesday, Nov. 17. It features a live demonstration of brain-mapping! Come and find out what everyone’s talking about.

RSVP now by clicking here.

An Evening of Unbounded Creativity and A Whole Lotta Joy!


An ARM-ful of thanks to Chuck Jones Center for Creativity and the marvelously talented Denise Dion-Scoyni! We had a gallery full of amazing artists working with paint, paper, air-dry clay, tracing on light-tables and more. 

Photos of completed masterpieces to come.

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Autistic License: Take It!

Here’s a great opportunity for individuals and families alike.

Different art forms will be available at different stations throughout the spacious Chuck Jones Center for Creativity facility. And an art educator will guide your efforts.

Join us on November 9 and unleash your inner artist.

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OMG! My Kid Is Attached To His Mobile Device!


A common complaint of parents these days is how much screen time their kids spend on their mobile devices. Parents, unfortunately, are reluctant to take possession of the devices, for various reasons. But here’s a free app that does the dirty work for you:     OurPact. Have you heard about it?

You sync it with your kids’ device and it basically allows you to turn off some or all apps — it can even block Internet access altogether. I caution parents to resist the temptation to use this as a punishment, but instead use it as part of a positive reinforcement plan.

ourpactlogoThe product review below was in fact solicited and sponsored by OurPact, but I thought it was well-written and provided a good description. Just know that it’s probably a little biased.

It’s too late for my kid (he’s 19 and doesn’t live under my roof anymore), but gosh I would have liked this app a few years ago.  We could have come to an agreement together as a family. He was really into the whole contract thing; he likes knowing what’s expected, having a vested interest in putting the agreement together and all that.

For my two cents’ worth, even though I really like that Family Contract (read the review), I’d make some minor tweaks to #1, #2 and #4:

  1. I agree to comply with the schedule we’ve agreed to, using OurPact. [allows for a more collaborative approach, rather than the parent simply imposing his or her will on the child]
  2. If I find that I need to exceed the daily limits that we’ve defined for me, I promise to have a calm conversation outlining my reasons for needing a time extension, and coming to an agreement about what an appropriate amount of time would be needed to accomplish the tasks at hand. [allows for collaborative problem-solving]
  3. —–
  4. I will never provide personal information (address, school phone number, etc.) online without my parents’ consent because of the danger that could result in doing so. [don’t assume our kids understand the perils]

Another good family media contract with age-appropriate versions is found at

Have fun! And be sure to include your child in on the process.

In the Driver’s Seat

Excellent ARM Parenting & Sharing Workshop last night on the subject of driving and vision/perception. Terrific speakers on hand to address various issues and answer parents’ concerns.

Our profound thanks to Dan Mulrenin of Teen Road to Safety – Newport and Kauser Sharieff, OD FCOVD FNORA, of Vision Performance Optometric Center. And as always, a big thank you to the YMCA of OC for hosting!  TRTS  Vision Performance Center-logo  —  A brilliant program in Australia that rewards kids for safe driving.

See you on Oct. 27 for a workshop on executive function! Save the date!