ARM Services & Pricing

At our first meeting, I’ll assess your family’s particular situation, with an eye on how we might best help guide your parenting strategy as we support the needs of your son or daughter.

  • Consultation time: 45 minutes
  • Location: My office or via phone
  • Cost: Free

On-going Consultations

After our initial meeting, I work with you to develop a customized plan for guiding your child through his daily life with greater success and satisfaction.

My sessions are practical, respectful of your desire for results. And as a mom, I’m sensitive to a family budget. So I keep my fees reasonable.

  • Consultation time: One hour
  • Location: My office
  • Hourly fee: $75

My one-hour in-office consultation time is available in blocks of three hours or more.

  • Consultation time: One hour
  • Location: Your home
  • Hourly fee: $85

My one-hour in-home consultation time is available in blocks of three hours or more. (A travel fee will be added for areas outside of Orange County.)

  •  Consultation time: One hour
  • Location: Phone
  • Hourly fee: $65

My one-hour phone consultation time is available in blocks of three hours or more.

Goal-Specific Consultations

The ABCs of IEPs

I will advise you on the services available to your school-aged child, recommend a strategy for maximizing the benefits of his or her Individualized Education Program and attend each IEP meeting with school personnel.

Teaching the Teacher

I help you partner with your child’s teachers in dealing with the academic and social/behavioral intricacies of educating a child with autism.

Let’s Get Organized

I help develop individualized strategies for improving your child’s ability to plan, organize and manage his daily tasks and responsibilities.

Cool, Calm and Collaborative

I provide support, instruction and advice on how to diffuse explosive outbursts, calm anxious moments and solve conflicts through the tried and true Collaborative Problem Solving approach.

Living Independently

I will assist, counsel and advise in helping your child gain the skills to independently make a store purchase; use public transportation; plan, shop for and prepare meals; maintain hygiene; engage socially and more.

Other Issues I Help Address

  • Avoiding Homework Hassles
  • Making Friends, Dating and Socializing
  • Personal Health and Hygiene Tips
  •  Structuring Your Life for Success
  • Making Sense of Dollars and Cents
  •  “Coming Out” About Your Autism
  •  And more.

ARM Services for Professionals

I’m available to speak to professional groups—such as teachers, school personnel, psychologists, first responders, government agencies, daycare personnel, Sunday School teachers, camp counselors, employers and others—on any and all of the topics listed here. Honoraria gratefully accepted.

For more information, please contact Debora Smith directly at Thank you!

2 responses to “MY RATES

  1. Thanks for your services Debora. I do not know of anyone else who is more knowledgeable about and eager to share that knowledge about our children with Autism/Aspergers Syndome as you are. You have always been there when I needed you (which seems like always). You are worth your salt. This is surely your calling. Thanks for everything!!!!

  2. I always have time for you! Glad to help. And I appreciate your kind words. Let’s grab a coffee soon!

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