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4098_ARM_Heart2HeartHeader5A few seats remain for tomorrow evening’s A HEART-TO-HEART WITH MOM. If you’d like a place at the table, RSVP now.
Thursday, Dec. 11 from 7-8:30pm
Temple Beth Sholom, 2625 N. Tustin Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705
RSVP to debora@autismresourcemom.com

HOLIDAY TIP | Have a Back-up Plan


Escape-PlanThe holiday season abounds with new sounds, unfamiliar faces and different schedules and if you don’t yet have a plan in place for your child, there’s still time.

When it all becomes too much—too many people, too much noise, too much that’s unknown—having a ‘plan of escape’ to a place to self-regulate is always wise. With one or two back-up plans, at least you have options. Practice a non-verbal hand signal your kid can give you to show you he needs to leave, instead of shouting at the top of his lungs, “It’s time for everyone to go home now! We’re done!”

Often, just knowing that it’s okay to escape to a quiet place is enough.

My Experience Raising A Child On the Spectrum. I’ll Tell You All About It.

Debora Smith, the Autism Resource Mom, will come and speak to your group or organization. Just give us a call. We still have some openings. Act now!



Here at ARM we’ve resolved to master independent living skills for the New Year. While it’s satisfying to check off all our abilities, there are still many that need work. We invite you to join us as we tackle each new task, adding to our competencies.


If you dropped off your older teen and a friend at a casual, sit-down restaurant, would he/she know what to do?

Follow some simple steps to equip your kid appropriately.

  1. LOOK FOR SIGNAGE. Does it say “Wait to Be Seated” or “Sit Anywhere”? Follow the directions.
  2. WAIT LIST. If your teen doesn’t like waiting, have a Plan B ready. This would be his responsibility.
  3. MENUS. Either the waitress/waiter will bring them or they’ll already be on the table.
  4. PICK. Decide what you want to eat and be ready for the waiter to take your order. 

    Give your teen the confidence to eat out by preparing him in advance.

  5. PLACE ORDER. Make sure you have enough money for what you order!
  6. SOCIALIZE. While you are waiting for your food to come, talk with your friend(s). If you need a refill for your drink, get the waiter’s attention and ask politely.
  7. BON APETIT! When your food comes, enjoy.
  8. CHECK, PLEASE. When you and your friends are finished and ready to go, ask your waiter for the check. Some restaurants ask you to pay at the check-out counter. Others will take your money for you.
  9. REMEMBER TO TIP. 15-20% is customary. Maybe your kid can do mental math with no problem. It never hurts to have and know how to use a tip calculator app.  

    Don’t forget to tip your waiter!

Practice these steps when you dine out as a family. Have your teen say how many are in your party. Have your teen alert the waitress when you’re ready for the check. Have your teen figure out the tip. The more you do this the easier it will be when he or she is on his own.

Good Luck inching toward that all-important self-reliance…

What’s Your AQ?

Autism researcher Simon Baron-Cohen

Autism researcher Simon Baron-Cohen

Take the online Aspergers Test and find out. The Autism Quotient test was developed by Simon Baron-Cohen [cousin to Sacha Baron Cohen, of ‘Borat’ fame].  

It’s only 50 questions.


Scrambling for Gift Ideas?

Here’s an idea that could have a life-changing impact.

Register now for Saturday social skills programs for all ages in Orange County, CA.

Contact them for schedule and fee info. Enrollment is limited. Don’t wait!

CONTACT:  Kimberly Orliczky, MA, BCBA | KLO Consulting | 949.607.8560 | Kimberly.o.bcba@gmail.com



What Are You Thankful For?

ARM is thankful for the little victories.   Image

  • A non-contentious IEP meeting
  • “Growing out” of echolalia
  • An afternoon of fewer meltdowns
  • Progress in speech therapy
  • A successful get-together!
  • Laughter, hugs and more hugs
  • Stepping up to new challenges and responsibilities
  • Trying a new food
  • Active self-advocacy
  • Hearing your child say to you, “I love you, mom.”

Happy Thanksgiving from Autism Resource Mom

Teens and Social Media | Child Mind Institute

This is very intriguing.

Teens and Social Media | Child Mind Institute.

Can My Kid Really Succeed In College?


Last week we attended a Meet and Greet with a fabulous student panel at CLE Costa Mesa. CLE is College Living Experience [http://experiencecle.com/]. OMG, those students sold the program, in my opinion. Hearing them talk about their experiences living on their own, with roommates, attending college, managing their time, their studies and everything else, well, it was an eye-opener.  

At first my son did not want to be there. “I’m very uncomfortable and we need to leave,” he whispered to me. I suggested he wait in the hall, because I was interested and wanted to stay. He couldn’t have been too uncomfortable, because he didn’t leave. And in fact, it wasn’t long before he was actually smiling about some of the remarks being made. Then one guy uttered a Kurt Cobain quote and my son was ready to sign up! A huge grin crossed his face, he leaned in and was totally engaged.

He kept thanking me for “letting him” go to the meeting. And he talked about it and the students for the next few days.

We haven’t applied yet, but we will for sure dig deeper. If you’re looking for a support program for your child who attends college, be sure to check out CLE. And if you have experience with a similar support program, please let us know!

OC Autism Center Gets Tangled in Red Tape

So disappointing. Here’s an entrepreneur trying to make a difference and local officials are only putting up roadblocks.

Woman’s Dream of Autism Center Doused by Officials – Voice of OC | Orange County’s Nonprofit Investigative News Agency: Health News.