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Here at ARM we’ve resolved to master independent living skills for the New Year. While it’s satisfying to check off all our abilities, there are still many that need work. We invite you to join us as we tackle each new task, adding to our competencies.


If you dropped off your older teen and a friend at a casual, sit-down restaurant, would he/she know what to do?

Follow some simple steps to equip your kid appropriately.

  1. LOOK FOR SIGNAGE. Does it say “Wait to Be Seated” or “Sit Anywhere”? Follow the directions.
  2. WAIT LIST. If your teen doesn’t like waiting, have a Plan B ready. This would be his responsibility.
  3. MENUS. Either the waitress/waiter will bring them or they’ll already be on the table.
  4. PICK. Decide what you want to eat and be ready for the waiter to take your order. 

    Give your teen the confidence to eat out by preparing him in advance.

  5. PLACE ORDER. Make sure you have enough money for what you order!
  6. SOCIALIZE. While you are waiting for your food to come, talk with your friend(s). If you need a refill for your drink, get the waiter’s attention and ask politely.
  7. BON APETIT! When your food comes, enjoy.
  8. CHECK, PLEASE. When you and your friends are finished and ready to go, ask your waiter for the check. Some restaurants ask you to pay at the check-out counter. Others will take your money for you.
  9. REMEMBER TO TIP. 15-20% is customary. Maybe your kid can do mental math with no problem. It never hurts to have and know how to use a tip calculator app.  

    Don’t forget to tip your waiter!

Practice these steps when you dine out as a family. Have your teen say how many are in your party. Have your teen alert the waitress when you’re ready for the check. Have your teen figure out the tip. The more you do this the easier it will be when he or she is on his own.

Good Luck inching toward that all-important self-reliance…