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Back-to-School Forms

Parents, while you’re busy filling out all those back-to-school registration forms for your student(s), don’t forget the one that can make a big difference for your child: 5 Steps to Understanding My Child. You can download it FREE  here or on my website [ http://www.autismresourcemom.com ]. Be sure that every one who works with your child has a copy — teacher, therapist, librarian, etc. Include any issues you want the teacher to be aware of. And get ready for a smoother school year.




Click here to see sample. Fill it out and give it to your child’s teacher at the beginning of each school year. 

TIP: Prepare Early for Back-to-School Time

TIP:  Get Ready Early!

It’s back-to-school time! Do your child a favor. Start getting into the new schedule early. At least two to three weeks before school starts. It takes any body time to adjust to new sleep patterns, eating times and activities schedules—so help your child transition from summer back to the school schedule by having him/her prepared.

The benefits are not only for your child, but also for the entire family and those at school.

Get Prepared for Back to School Way Ahead of Time

Early preparation for back to school is a key to success.