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The Doctor is In! Q&A Session Tonight in Newport Beach

Looking forward to tonight’s Orange County Asperger’s Support Group meeting in Newport Beach, featuring ‘Ask the Expert’ with Dr. Alexander Gantman. A Q&A session for individuals and families dealing with AS, HFA and PDD-NOS. If you’re interested, contact OCASG at ocasupport@gmail.com.


Insurance Coverage for Autism

DID YOU KNOW?  Effective July 1, 2012, California is one of the 29 states that requires insurers to provide coverage for autism treatment.

The new California Autism Insurance Mandate goes into effect on July 1, further defining the responsibilities of all health insurers. This gives many families with commercial insurance coverage access to mandated behavioral health services for autism. At last!

Autism Health Insurance Project works with families and helps them get health insurance and other coverage for autism-related interventions. AHIP has info on state-regulated and self-insured health plans. http://autismhealthinsurance.com

Become familiar with the laws in your state. [Get info from your state department of insurance or http://www.ncsl.org/issues-research/health/autism-and-insurance-coverage-state-laws.aspx%5D