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If You Want Your Kids To Think of You As Encouraging, Be Encouraging

How do you want your kids to remember you? Always nagging? Never satisfied? Too busy? When that question was put to me several years ago, I had a rude awakening, because my list of adjectives didn’t exactly mirror my actions. But the good thing was that over time I was able to change my behaviors to suit the descriptions.

With Mother’s Day coming, you and your child may both want to do this exercise.


In large letters, write P A R E N T vertically down the left side of a page. Using those six letters, write words that describe how you would like your child to think of you.

And if you’re not acting accordingly, you do have the power to change.

I encourage you to get your child to do the same. In large letters, write C H I L D [or S O N or  D A U G H T E R] vertically down the left side of a page. Using those letters, ask your child to write words that describe how he/she wants you to think of him or her. Maybe those words are caring. humorous, intelligent/inspiring, likeable/loving, dependable.

Post these important documents where you and your kids can see them so they become gentle reminders for desired results. These should be fluid papers, that change as needed.

Here’s to a Happy Mother’s Day!

Are Labels Always Bad?

OMG, this is my life story … this is me, this is my kid, to a T. [Only wish I was just turning 50!]

Drew, here’s to you and your wonderful way of being!