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New numbers released today by CDC show an increase in prevalence of autism


Okay folks, gimme a drum roll, please. A new study that examined data from 14 communities puts estimates at one child in 88 diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder — and ups the prevalence in males to five times more than in females.

What is this, the magic tote board in the Jerry Lewis telethon?

This is very important information. As parents, we need to participate in surveys and studies that compile such research, so that the true extent of our need is realized throughout all channels. Our government needs to know the real state of affairs if they are to provide sufficient support,  services, education and research.

So the next time an autism study crosses your path, take some time to fill it out. Think of it as an investment in services for your child — rather than something that just eats up your time.

And remember that early detection is crucial. Nearly half [40%] of the kids in the CDC study weren’t diagnosed until they were older than four years of age. We can do so much for our kids when we can start treatments and therapies early. And our kids benefit from this early intervention. So there’s got to be some improvement in this area.

Pay close attention to your child’s development at six months, 12 months, 18 months. Don’t let your concerns go unaddressed.

Visit cdc.gov to learn more.