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It’s encouraging to see all the autism research that’s taking place. I’ve seen lots of advances since my son was young; imagine what they’ll know in five or 10 more years. I’m all in favor of research that helps improve … Continue reading

Meds for Autism Aren’t Fully Understood

If you are considering meds for your child with an autism spectrum disorder, read this first.

Meds for Autism Not Well Understood
Thu, 23 Feb 2012 15:00:00 -0600

Guidelines needed for use of psychiatric drugs in affected teens, researcher says
Source: HealthDay

NIH research network identifies differences in brain structure as early as 6 months


Interesting findings.

BACTERIA: Cause or Effect of Autism?

Interesting article on gut bacteria. That found in kids with autism is different from bacteria in neurotypical kids.



My son is 15 and I know this whole issue is just around the corner.  I can no longer put off the inevitable.


Here’s a good resource when your household is ready! http://www.teendriversource.org/

The important thing is not to rush your child.  Good luck and buckle up!