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Holiday Tips #3 & 4 for Parents of Children with Autism

ARM went dark for one day to honor the memories of all those who died in Newtown, CT.
It’s 9 days to Christmas and what do I fear? Crowds, chaos and commotion, that much is clear.
Dec. 15            Day 10   Watch What You Eat
We know that nutrition affects behavior. And we all have a tendency
to snack too much on sweets and bad foods during holidays. So be
sure to have healthy snacks on hand—carrots/celery sticks, nuts,
raisins, fresh fruit, yogurt, string cheese. In our GFCFSF household,
I do lots of baking ahead of time, so we have muffins, cookies
and quickbreads in the freezer. My “trick” with breads and
muffins is that I load them with sweet potato puree or
bananas or carrots or squash — instead of sugar — to make
them healthier.
Dec. 16            Day 9   Buy My Book
A few years ago my son and I wrote a book of tips for teachers.
“Teaching My Teacher About Autism” is a great gift idea for teachers and other professionals
As the mother of a son with autism, I’ve committed myself over the years to learning, understanding and sharing the most effective ways to nurture, protect and prepare a child with autism. Strategies with the potential to reap great rewards for our kids.
Strategies for the holiday season and beyond, which I’ll gladly share with you.
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